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Investitude is a powerful book designed to help you to maximize your finances and increase your streams of income by focusing on the four (4) key areas of 1) Residual Income, 2) X-Factor (using your gifts, talents, and abilities to earn extra money), Entrepreneurship, and Investing. Investitude will also help you to budget your money so that you have enough to do what you want to do without taking a second job, living off of credit cards, or taking out a second or third mortgage. Investitude will also help you to have a "wealth" mindset that will enable you to work with the resources that you already have in order to build wealth, achieve your financial goals, and find personal success. So, let's get ready to celebrate your financial success by you learning how to have the right Investitude! For additionally information about Investitude, please visit additionally information about registering for one of our Investitude Courses on Investing in the Stock Market, Budgeting Your Money, and/or How to Graduate From College Debt-Free, please visit to learn more. For information on how to join the movement on starting to invest young, often, and purposefully, please visit

Investitude by Dr. Chisholm

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