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“Run Your Music Business™” is the second book in the Music Law Series™ written by experienced entertainment lawyer, Audrey K. Chisholm, whose clients have been featured on MTV®, American Idol®, and VHI®. “Run Your Music Business™” picks up where “Start Your Music Business™” left off and is an easy to read guide for songwriters, producers, music publishers, independent record labels, artists, bands, musicians, and individuals in the music industry that want to strategically grow and properly manage their music business: Learn how to: 1. How to Get Paid Licensing Your Music 2. How to Set-up Your Own Publishing Company 3. How to Build Your Own Music Catalog 4. How to Register with a Performing Rights Society 5. How to Negotiate Contracts (Record Label Agreements, Producer Contracts, Songwriter Contracts, etc.) 6. How to Work Full Time in Music 7. How to Know if Your Business is Growing 8. How to Know if Your Business Is Profitable (Understanding Financial Statements) 9. How to Create a Budget for your Music Business 10. How to Manage Debt 11. 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score 12. How to Run Your Music Business 13. How to Hold Business Meetings 14. Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Business 15. Business Recordkeeping / How to Keep Proper Business Records 16. 10 Ways to Avoid I.R.S. Trouble 17. How to File Business Taxes 18. Building Your Team 19. And more!

Start Your Music Business Book

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